• Irony

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  • Rye So Cherryous

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    Rye So CherryousRye So Cherryous
  • White Forest

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    White ForestWhite Forest
  • Equilibrium

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Flavour-focused technology

We pride ourselves in bringing innovation to the world of spirits with our attention focused fully on creating the best flavor experiences.

We source high quality raw spirits from distillers all around the world and hand-pick premium barrels, casks and wood based on their unique expressions. Resulting in spirits of exceptional quality and extraordinary flavour.

An introduction to EtOH Spirits

About us

EtOH Spirits was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen (seen to the left). Tobias is an inventor, food scientist, and a diploma brewery engineer. We are a small team based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through years of development and academic research we have invented and refined methods to develop flavours through the accelerated ageing of spirits.

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