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14-day old Rye Spirit 46%

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Irony - 14 days old Rye Spirit 46.5% 0.7L

Inspired by night and day, this twilight spirit breaks the conventions. Dark and gloomy on the outside, fruity and herbal on the inside. It is made from a shared vision with Bobo Food Studio.

Irony is a mysterious spirit which combines black limes, fig leaves and rye spirit. All of that is topped by aging for 14 days on charred oloroso sherry barrels. 

This product is made with fresh fig leaves, haze on the bottom may accumulate if the bottle stays still for an extensive time. Before drinking, we recommend giving it a small shake or upside-down turn.

It appears slightly hazy in the glass, with a faded, green metallic tint. Almost like rusted, oxidized copper. The nose is aromatic, slightly volatile at first, with notes of cloves, anise, and sweet citrus fruits. Hints of Christmas spices and botanicals. It has a pungent, spicy mouth feeling with low viscosity and a salty finish.


Ásgeir aka. Mixmasterflex makes drinks from memories at Bobo Food Studio. His no-nonsense, rule-breaking, Avant Garde approach to cocktails is very inspirational to us. Maybe that’s why we really like working together.

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