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9-day old Pure Malt 42%

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Hafnium - 9 days old Pure Malt 42% 0.7L

We're back with classic sherry-aged malt! 
Hafnium combines notes of dried fruits with a light woody character and creates a perfectly balanced whisky-like spirit.
This elegant pure malt defines the genre of accelerated aging and showcases the power of science and passion. 

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Here we combine Elderflower and Hafnium into a thirst quenching, refreshing highball. To add some tartness, feel free to squeze a lemon in there too.

5 cl. EtOH Appealing

Top off with Elderflower drink (Not concentrated)

Add ice to a highball glass, stir until water starts to form and the glass is propperly chilled, strain water.

Add Hafnium and stir well, top up with more ice if needed. Add Elderflower Drink and stir briefly.
Squeeze a lemon twist over the glass to release the oils, then drop it in the glass and if we’re in season, add an elderflower too!