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Arbejd & Rye So Cherryous

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Arbejd - 9 days old Pure Malt 47%, 0.7L
Rye So Cherryous - 10 days old Rye 42% 0.7L

This is The Medal Pair.

Both Arbejd and Rye So Cherryous are award-winning spirits, so we wanted to give you an award-winning bundle.

Arbejd is the classically smoky spirit, something for peat lovers! Delicious smoky flavours with a clean and smooth finish. This release was aged only on Sherry Oloroso barrels.

Rye So Cherryous is a collaboration with the cocktail bar Ruby in Copenhagen. Danish Sour Cherries on Rye and Acacia wood. Mature yet elegant. A flavourful spirit genius in cocktails and absolutely delightful neat.

  • Arbejd

    Here is something for the peat lovers! This smoky release was aged only on Sherry Oloroso barrels. The scent, the ethereal, the ever-piercing aroma of peat and phenols. The fog of war, the fumes of old. A bold identity boasting peated character, tart finish.

    It is heavy and rich. Everything you would expect from a highly peated whisky. Notes of prunes and raisins with an underlying sweetness to support the substantial amount peat.

  • Rye So Cherryous

    Danish Sour Cherries on Rye and Acacia wood. Mature yet elegant. This thought-provoking spirit was envisioned together with the cocktail bar Ruby.

    It became clear very quickly that we should try to capture the looks and feels of Ruby in a spirit.

    We found that the balance between a sweet rye spirit, a sour focused cherry with the pits included and the fruity expression of the acacia wood is superb. Mellow, but still quite fragrant. Whisky-like but with heavier fruit notes that you would expect from an eau de vie. And finally the cherry dimension of spirit is just so much in place, since being in a cocktail environment at Ruby, where cherries tend to play a role in cocktails, eg like a manhattan.