At EtOH Spirits we want to follow our passion of developing high quality and great tasting spirits. While the process of spirit making can be costly for the environment, we have identified the areas where we can make a difference with sustainable solutions.

Beside these solutions to make our process more sustainable we also make an effort to upcycle where we can. Our spirit Appealing is an example of that, upcycling apple pulp from Æblerov to be used in our spirit production. Giving the pulp a second life and function.


We have partnered up with Zero Footprint Nordic, donating 1% of all online sales through our webshop, in an effort to improve our carbon footprint.


As a principle we strive to use as little plastic in our packaging as possible, making it recyclable. This means that our boxes for two bottles need no plastic padding or covering. Even our tape is paper based.

When it comes to larger orders we use reused materials to secure the bottles. This could be air filled plastic reused from our own office supply shipments.

Sustainable power usage

The power we use to produce our spirits are covered by an energy provider using green energy (provided by Danish windmills).